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Gregorian Chant - have no fear!

These two words,  GREGORIAN CHANT, can fill a person’s heart with great fear right up next to Root Canal!  Thoughts of having to carry around Willi Apel’s GREGORIAN CHANT in your backpack to classes calls for lots of aspirin for it’s a weighty book (and excellent) in more ways that one. 

But Gregorian Chant was created for the average person and should not require an advanced degree to sing, so we began to analyze what’s hard about reading chant music.  It’s not what you might think.

What’s hard about chant is the exact same thing you faced at school when you began to learn to read and write. trying to figure out those little tiny lines. But your teachers knew that and got out these and put you to work:


Character Recognition.

It’s that simple.  You went through it, so did we.  It paid off.  It should be available for chant. And now it is - books that teach the basic shapes and lines from Frog Music Press.

Speed up learning to read chant by learning the chant note forms in large, easily read form.

The church fathers that created chant created large sheets with big notes that the entire schola could read.  The big notes used simple shapes and identifying lines that were easy to recognize and follow.  Over centuries they continued to use big notes like these, right out of our books.

Recognizing Chant Characters.



Learn the shapes and lines this way so reading them in small print becomes easy!

But then came printing and the desire to sell books….so what we have in our hands today are the “paperback” books of  the wonderful, rich large books of chant from the past.

People, chant was not created to be printed in tiny lines on hand-held books.

But, does this mean to throw out everything that we’ve got now?  Hardly?  Instead, learn the basic shapes from using our books and then it’s much, much easier to read those small notes on thin paper!  

Are we just saying all this to sell you books?  Nope.  All our books are free to download or to purchase printed, bound and shipped to you.  Like these, straight from our books.

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